What is the Fibonacci sequence? ~ A mysterious sequence also exists in nature ~


What are the rules for the Fibonacci sequence?

The Fibonacci sequence has the regularity that “the sum of the previous two terms becomes the next term”. For example, look at the first three terms that appear, 1 + 1 = 2. Similarly, 2 to 3 terms are 1 + 2 = 3, 3 to 3 terms are 2 + 3 = 5 … and so on, followed by a regular sequence.

What is Fibonacci (Pisa’s Leonardo) from which the name was derived?

Fibonacci, the origin of the Fibonacci sequence, is a medieval Italian mathematician, also known as Fibonacci of Pisa. When Fibonacci was young, he traveled to Byzantine (Turkey), Sicily, Egypt, Syria and other eastern Mediterranean coastal regions for his father’s business, where he studied advanced Arabic mathematics and returned to pizza in 1200 AD and published a compilation of what he learned. However, European mathematics at that time was still behind, and it took more than 200 years till Fibonacci’s writings were accepted. The Fibonacci sequence was also written in the book, and the original story is said to be in the old Indian Sanskrit lyrics. In Addition, this sequence came to the forefront more than 600 years after Fibonacci’s writing. The mathematician named Edouard Lucas named this sequence the Fibonacci sequence. Fibonacci’s writings have the following story:

Fibonacci tree. How many rabbits will be in a year?

A farmer got a pair of rabbits. Rabbits grow up in one month and give birth to children just before the second month. One pair of rabbits gives birth to one pair of baby rabbits every month. How many rabbits will be in a year’s time? One pair means one male and one female, for a total of two animals.


u₀ , u₁ , u₂ , …

is the Fibonacci sequence mentioned above. Interestingly, the Fibonacci sequence is also in parentheses.



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